I began pottery at Standpoint Studios in Shoreditch and was fortunate to have Nicola Tassie as my teacher.


It was under Nicola's guidance that I learnt the technical skills of pottery and the magic of creating ceramics, on a potter's wheel.

After five years, what began as a hobby, developed into a life long obsession and a new way of life.

I set up a studio in Hackney where I had a regular pitch at Broadway Market. This was a great starting point for selling my work.

I am now an established potter based in Shiplake, South Oxfordshire.

I make contemporary utility ware in Stoneware and Porcelain. I work with traditional oriental glazes but tend to keep a part of each pot raw, showing the natural beauty of the clay.

The aim is to create something both functional and beautiful.

All ceramics are handmade on a potter's wheel and then reduction fired in a gas kiln.


The Stoneware is Oven and Dishwasher proof and the Porcelain is Dishwasher proof.

About me